Schools and Daycare centres

At the Åland Art Museum, all kindergartens and schools are welcome to take part in our base exhibitions and special exhibitions. Our goal is to offer programs that suit all ages, as well as longer or shorter visits. A visit can consist of a guided tour as well as a task or just an educational tour. You may also come to visit without guidance with your teacher. Take a look at what exhibitions and programs we have to offer. Please also contact if you have any special theme in the school that you want to highlight in your museum visit.
Contact pedagogue Katarina Damm for Bookings – Tel: 018-25424

Children and students in Åland daycare centres and schools, visit the Åland Art Museum as well as the cultural history together with their respective pedagogues, assistants or group-investors. The display and pedagogical material are also free of charge until further notice.

Group size
The group size is recommended to be max. 20 people. When the breath exceeds, notify at the time of booking about the opportunity to share the group in two parts, and get two guided tours simultaneously

The proposed time is indicative and when booking you can request a shorter or longer guided tour. Visit us between 9-16