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Satu Kiljunen,  Old man with snuff under his lip (Gammal man med snus under läppen), 2016, 280 x 205 cm


In recent years, Satu Kiljunen has focused her creative production on the dialogue between the painted and the three dimensional. In figurative painting, she captures the familiar, in this case, her neighbour, Carl-Johan Särkinen, whose various facial expressions and constantly changing character served as the inspiration for an entire series.  In this piece, she explores how the very quantity of tones creates and enhances an impression of three-dimensionality. The background was painted first, and then the colours gain intensity toward the centre of the composition.


Kiljunen was born and raised in Helsinki, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and served as a professor of Artistic Research. She was made Honorary Doctor at the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2018. Kiljunen has lived on Åland since 1992 in the outer archipelago municipality of Kökar, with the sea as a neighbour. Her media of choice are traditional painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. She has also established a guest artist studio on the island of Kökar.

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