The new generation

Having always been the main source of inspiration, nature continues to be very much a part of Ålandic art. 

Artists working on Åland today represent a range of different styles, such as Guy Frisk‘s (b. 1943) poetic and timeless landscapes;  Tage Wilén‘s (b. 1941) colourful depictions of the life of the common people; Kjell Ekström (b. 1961) watercolours that often capture the transparency and light of the sea surrounding Åland.

The Åland art museum collection contains works of a.o. the artists: Kenneth Bamberg, Amanda Chanfreau, Keathy Ericsson-Jourdan, Barbro Eriksson, Barbro Gustavsson, Rita Jokiranta, Markus Kåhre, Henrika Lax, Stefan Lindfors, Caroline Pipping, Juha Pykäläinen, Johan Scott, Nanna Sjöström, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen, Jonas Wilén, Peter Winquist and Minna Öberg.


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