The Art Collections

The aim of the art collection is to present the Åland art in the broadest sense. The collection consists primarily of works of Åland artists or artists with Åland connections. Through both past purchases and donations several works are also made by major Scandinavian artists. The Åland Art Museum continually expands its collection of art and through donations, with both contemporary and old art included. Today, the art collection consists of more than 1000 works of art. As an institution, the Åland Art Museum originated in the Åland Art Association, which was founded 10 years before the museum was founded in 1963. The Åland Art Association has served as a key driver of the museum’s activities and developed its identity. The artist Nils Byman was the central force in both the Art Association and the Museum. Also the Foundation Ålands Vänner r.s. (formerly Association) has played a significant role in the art museum’s development. Ålands Vänner have since 1936 an art collection, which formed the basis for the art museum’s exhibitions. In 1976, Ålands Vänner r.s. deposited its entire art collection in the Åland Art Museum.


The Foundation Ålands Vänner sr. Art Collection

The Fonudation Åland Vänners r.s. art collection currently consists of 188 works that form the basis of the Åland Art Museum’s collection (about 20% of the museum’s entire collection). Artwork by Karl Emanuel Jansson, Hanna Rönnberg, Joel Pettersson, Sigrid Granfelt, Väinö Blomstedt and Tove Jansson is included in the collection. The collection is continuously supplemented through purchases. The Foundation Ålands Vänner r.s. is still an active player in the Åland Art Museum’s activities through its representation in the Åland Government arts council.

Irene and Halvdan Stenholms Art Collection

Irene and Halvdan Stenholm’s private art collection includes hundreds of works by famous Finnish artists. The art collection was donated to the Åland Art Museum in 1979. The donation also included vases and glassware as well as furniture and securities. The collection reflects the spouses Stenholm insightful and broad interest in art. The collection includes works by Mark Collin, Ragnar Ekelund, Axel Haartman, Pekka Halonen, Ake Hellman, Santeri Salokivi, Sigrid Schauman, Lennart Segerstråle, Rafael Wardi, Victor Westerholm and Eero Järnefelt.