About us

The Åland Art Museum was founded in 1963 on an initiative taken by the Åland Art Association. During its first twenty years the museum was housed in a series of temporary quarters. The museum has been based in its current building since 1981. The building, which also houses the Åland Museum, was designed by the architect Helmer Stenros.

The Åland Art Museum is owned and administered by the Åland Government through an arts council. Older and contemporary art alike is included in the activities and responsibilities of the museum.

The Åland Art Museum is a unique museum whose strength lies in the elegant architecture of its exhibition halls and an extensive collection of some 1000 works of art − all of which have some connection to the Åland islands. New pieces are continually added to the collection.

In addition to promoting art on Åland, the aim of the Åland Art Museum is to be an active participant in the art life on Åland and in the Nordic countries alike − to be a living museum. By arranging high quality, interesting exhibitions, the museum tries to actively advance artists and raise interest for art. Furthermore, the museum functions as a link between Ålandic art and cultural institutions all around the Nordic countries.


The Arts Council

The arts council is a council of experts appointed every four years by the Åland Government. The council advises the Åland Government in matters concerning art and design as well as activities arranged at the Åland Art Museum. The council makes decisions regarding exhibitions at the museum based on proposals made by the art curator. In addition to this, the council makes decisions regarding procurement of art for the museum’s collections, functions as a referral organisation to the Åland Government in matters concerning art and makes proposals to Ålands kulturdelegation as to how the government’s annual art scholarships should be distributed.